the cosmic collective

The Cosmic Collective 2015 Moon Energy Calendar

It was towards the end of 2013 when a little spark in the universe connected two kindred spirits. The signs around them and their own intuition guided them to align their passions and creative energy, manifesting something that could only be what it was meant to be with the combination of their individual powers. As first it was simply an open-ended desire to collaborate, but what would be the result would reveal itself over time.

The Cosmic Collective 2015 Moon Energy Calendar

They first met in person in April where lots of ideas were circling around them, and while their first project was not ready to be revealed just yet, the name ‘the cosmic collective’ was clear, as was the intention to create beautiful products that would help other soul sisters connect with the earth, the universe, and with themselves. They dreamed to reach those who are new to connecting with their spirituality, and others who are searching for tools to dive a little deeper.

The Cosmic Collective 2015 Moon Energy Calendar

A few months passed, and with more clarity the idea behind the project began to take shape. All was happening as it was meant to, and after one sister returned from her travels and the other fulfilled a dream to move to an amazing new location, they were ready to begin their first creative endeavour.

Early in the creative process, a third sister was guided into the collective, and with her wisdom and intuitive guidance, each artwork began to take shape. And now, it’s ready to share with our spirited sisters around the world.

The Cosmic Collective 2015 Moon Energy Calendar

The 2015 Moon Energy Calendar is a conscious collaborative project between myself, Sarah Wilder from The Fifth Element Life and KV from Aquarius Nation. By combining our collective strength in art, design, spirituality and astrology – this calendar was manifested through our individual desires to create art infused and inspired by moon energy, and help others gain a better understanding of the moons energy fields and it’s effect on us as spiritual beings.

If you are feeling drawn to this offering that is a true labour of love for us, it is now available for pre-sale via The Fifth Element Life’s online store. We have a special version for the Southern Hemisphere, and one for the Northern Hemisphere.

For me, it’s been an amazing experience to be part of such a special collaborative project. When I started this blog, I had no idea where it would lead me and to witness this calendar come together in such a beautifully intuitive and insightful way, I can’t wait to see where else my spirit may align with others.


balancing energies


There’s a whole rainbow of astrological energies affecting us this month and particularly today, as the full moon and lunar eclipse is coupled with mercury retrograde. I love reading up on all the different insights into what is happening around us and within us during these phases. I loved Ezzie Spencer’s post on today’s astral movements:

“Eclipses are accelerators. Just like at any Full Moon, be prepared to take action to bring your intention into form, and release attachment to the outcomes of your intention. So at this Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon, be ready to move faster. This full moon is in Aries, which is a hot and initiatory energy. Be courageous and take action at this eclipse to bring your New Moon intention into form. What was your New Moon intention? Hark back to your Libran New Moon intention, set two weeks ago. The themes were to do with stepping into your radiance, allowing yourself to shine, and allowing the flow of beauty and prosperity into your life. Take steps at the Lunar Eclipse to bring more of this into your life.”

I also enjoyed the insight posted on Mystic Mamma about the Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde, and how you can navigate through this powerful phase as explained by Helen on The Little Sage. These two resources speak a lot about taking a patient and reflective approach to this month. Continuing to take steps towards your dreams and being your true self, but don’t feel the need to rush towards it right now, get things organised as the momentum builds, and release with force when things align again in November.

In my little creative hub, things are definitely building up and moving towards something bigger and I’ll be using the creative and fiery energy of the eclipse to make headway in the way of new projects and planning how I want to spend my time creatively. In line with the insights of springing forward in November, this happens to be a period when I’ll be launching some new exciting things which I am bursting to share with my little community here. I will also be celebrating the 1st birthday of Maps to Herself! More on that soon but I wanted to share a little about what is happening astrologically today and over the month as I’m sure you are feeling it to!


remembering why

Remembering Why - Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

There are moments where any one of us can find ourselves stuck or unclear when following our dreams or passions. Sometimes we’re not sure what our next step is, other times we know exactly what we need to do but face resistance. You may have found what you love doing, and want to spend all your time doing it, but it’s not working out how you wanted it to. You may keep pushing on with the best of intentions and hopeful plans, but something doesn’t feel right. I think we all go through periods like this. For me, it’s often because I’ve lost sight of why I began in the first place.

It’s so easy for us to get trapped in the pursuit of the goal and making it as far or further than someone else you perceive as successful in a way that you would like to be. As soon as I become too fixated on numbers (sales, likes, followers, shares) my motivation and creative work suffers. I don’t want to spend my time wondering why or how other people got to where they are, and what I’m missing and doing wrong. I’m certain those people have other people they look to and wonder the same thing. One of the most difficult aspects of being part of the online world is not comparing ourselves to the lives that other people selectively and deliberately choose to show us. Let them be an inspiration to a certain degree, but not an indication of where you should or need to be right now, or maybe ever.

'Let the beauty of what you love be what you do' - Rumi - Maps to Herseld

Your journey will most certainly take on a different path to what you think it will, and where it leads you is not as important as where it is now, and what brought you here. If your present situation is not feeling good or making you happy, ask yourself if you are staying true to the idea or passion that initially captured your heart.

Today I was reminded again why I began this blog, to play and be present in the moment.

Remembering why you started allows you to feel the flow and joy that comes from simply doing what you love, without expectations or objectives. Just you and the essence of your purpose. Magic.


lunar gaze

Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

I am loving the energy of this month so far. After a oddly passive month of June that felt like it disappeared into the ether, I was encouraged to keep my gaze forward. Mercury in retrograde can be a good time to retreat, reflect and reassess. I was just waiting for what I felt was a period of high energy, action and progress approaching.

Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

So far that has turned out to be true, with many internal and external signs indicating that it’s time to step into a new cycle. On the first of the month I moved into my new little studio which I love. It has such a beautiful energy which inspires me to create with refreshed confidence and bigger dreams. I feel that some amazing things will be created here, by my own hands and in collaboration with other beautiful souls who find themselves walking a similar path to me.

Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

It’s not only the new space which has shifted things for me this month. After a couple of months of being too much in my head and neglecting many things, I’m easing back into a more regular routine of journal writing and meditation, and feeling into my body again after signing up for aerial yoga classes. We know these things are wonderful for us and help us immensely, but somehow I always find myself in these periods of distraction without realising it, until I am once again guided to take notice and give them priority.

I’m excited to share with you what takes places over the next few months as they unfold.

The first artwork above is available as an art print in the shop! If you have your eye on a particular print be sure to get your hands on it quickly as it may be a while until it’s reprinted (if it gets reprinted), as I’ll be focusing on making new art!


raving lunatic

Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

This would have to be one of the craziest paintings I’ve done so far. Even though there is so much going on, it does have a wonderful energy in it. I do wonder why most of my artwork tends to become very detailed in it’s marks and patterns. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop, other times I just find creating those patterns to be quite meditative. I love many abstract artists that have a beautiful minimalist style and just like I am aware of it in the design world, I know it’s not an easy thing to do well. But I’m choosing to follow my intuition when creating my art, rather than have a plan or set process that instructs most of my design work. When I first created this blog, I had no intention of fixing on a particular style, but to explore many different techniques and mediums. There are moments though when I look at all the pieces I’ve created over the last few months and wish there was more coherence and flow, it would certainly make it easier to decide what to create next. But I also understand how that can become a comfort zone, and Maps to Herself is here for me to explore the edges, the wild unknown.

Over the last few months of sharing my work, I’ve received so many supportive and encouraging comments and emails. Quite a few people have said something along the lines of ‘I’d love to be able to paint like this’, and I definitely understand that desire to produce something that has a similar quality or feel about it. But that artist was meant to create that piece just as it is, and you are meant to create something that is uniquely you. Please don’t feel like your art needs to compare to others, if it brings joy to you in making it, and a smile or connection with another person who sees it, then that’s all that matters.

This artwork included some mixed media and on one piece of paper I stuck onto the canvas, which is highlighted now in the triangle to the top right, read the words ‘raving lunatic’. I laughed when I picked it out of a random packet of ephemera, and it was perfect to add to the artwork. Not because of it’s visual ‘craziness’, but that it reminded me of the ego. When it’s voice is strong, our minds can be quite accurately the mind of a raving lunatic. We are so hard on ourselves and often on others. It’s made me realise that unwanted patterns of thought have been creeping back in a lot lately, and that I need to get back into a regular meditation practice which I haven’t been allowing time and space for lately. It’s little reminders like this that help me when I’m off track and haven’t realised it yet. There is meaning in everything we create, whether it be big or small, and know that the universe wants you to keep listening, creating and sharing it with the world.


blooming true

Canvas 1 - Bloom True Bali - Jo Klima

My oh my, more than a month has already passed since I returned home from the amazing experience that was Bali and Flora’s Bloom True painting retreat. It’s taken me a little while to be ready to write this post. Every time I sat down to write it I struggled to find the words. I think my heart arrived back home much later than my body did, choosing to inhabit the warmth and beauty of those memories for as long as it could. As you read, I hope you can place yourself there with me, just for this moment, and let it inspire you as it profoundly did for me.

Beyond the necessary planning ahead of the trip, I didn’t actually think too much about what was in store. I wanted to arrive with an open mind, without any preconceived ideas or expectations. I knew it was where I was supposed to be and I trusted the journey would unfold as it should. As soon as I arrived late at night at my gorgeous villa in Ubud I think I was already under it’s rich and mellow spell. Exploring this vibrant town and it’s many beautiful differences to other places I’ve travelled was fascinating. After foraging the colourful markets and culinary offerings, visiting the bali spirit festival and amazing rice fields, keeping cool with quick pool dips in between outings, and trying to cross the streets safely, I was ready to make my way to the quiet little fishing village of Amed to join my fellow true bloomers for a week of connecting and creativity.

Canvas 2 - Bloom True Bali - Jo Klima

There’s something pretty magical about feeling an instant kindredness with not just one person but a whole group, and for myself, kind of unusual. To be in the company of a group of women who I hardly knew and feeling at ease is by no means my default setting. But that’s what happened, and it has everything to do with knowing they had all made the decision to be there, and had been carefully selected by Flora. To me it meant that we were free to just be ourselves, far away from who we think we are or aren’t back at home. Free from the usual responsibilities or pressures of daily life. It’s safe to say that we were all ready to let go of all that, and breathe into this beautiful sacred space that had been created for us.

I could write a whole post just about how wonderful Flora and her two brilliant sidekicks, Lynx and Rachael, were during the week. They each possess such wisdom, vulnerability, magic, creativity and strong voices in their own authentic way. They were the absolute perfect trio to hold this space for us, and being in their company and learning so much from them is something I will always hold close to my heart.

As the week went on, filled with lots of swimming, delicious meals, a few bintangs (which went down surprisingly well for a non-beer drinker, it’s definitely the heat!), late night chats and lots of laughs, there was of course lots of painting. I think it was a rare treat for many of us to have a huge block of time just to paint. And paint some more. It was the first time in a long while that I truly felt immense flow and joy of just creating, and letting go of everything else. It’s how I want to feel all the time, and I’m so grateful to have experienced that fully. I think I could have easily continued on for another month or two! I can definitely visualise more creative sabbaticals in my future.

Canvas 3 - Bloom True Bali - Jo Klima

Shared here are the three finished canvases that came home with me. I was hoping to have at least one finished piece, and to me each of these felt like they had completed their journey in Bali along with myself as we approached our last day. The elephant was the third canvas I worked on, trying to use colours that I hadn’t used much in the first two, and wouldn’t normally use either. And I absolutely love it. A beautiful lesson in letting go of what you’re comfortable with, and finding something you love even more.

What stood out to me the most from the week is how deeply I wanted to be part of this kind of creative community after I returned home. It’s something I have wanted for a while, but to experience it like that brought new perspective and clarity to making it happen. And for my friends in Brissie and nearby, this is the first manifestation of that. For those further away, I hope you are enjoying the online community and Make Art Monday’s.

Thank you for reading this far! I wanted to get these thoughts out before I moved onto other new posts, and I’m looking forward to sharing more art and other contemplations here very soon.