aware of the dark - jo klima - maps to herself

As Eckhart Tolle says, once you perceive the truth, awaken your awareness, there’s no going back. There is a big shift happening in the increase of people’s own awareness and there are so many really amazing leaders in the world helping with this. Self awareness as well as seeing and caring about what’s really happening in the world is really the only way to change or improve your life or those of other people. With awareness we open up to what’s possible, see that we can go in a different direction, and live our life in more alignment and finding more joy in the present moment.

But there is also another side to it which I’m struggling with. It makes it difficult to understand why some things can happen, why some of our fellow humans can actually do some of the terrible things they do, and why others suffer. They are unconscious, I get it. But that doesn’t make it any easier as a human to accept, and it’s why you see some people such as vegans needing to be forcefully heard in order to help those without a voice.

It’s been almost 3 years since I became vegetarian. And over the last year I’ve started to feel guilt about not being vegan, although I have cut back on some animal products. But it’s not only food. It’s seeing all the other ways you consume or live your life. Where your clothes are from (we all love a bargain but at what cost), the leather shoes, who made your iphone, taking advantage of cheap holiday destinations, or animals used and often abused for entertainment. I start wondering how I am consuming, what would be an ethical alternative, and how can I help with so many injustices going on. My list of things that I’m not ok with is getting longer.

So what’s the best way forward? To still be an active part of our modern society, enjoy life and help where I can? I don’t intend to own a sanctuary for rescue animals, but I support those who do. I won’t travel to countries to film and disclose some terrible places and situations, but will support those who do. But I can’t give to every cause that does work that is important to me, so how do you pick who to support and help?

When you deepen your understanding and awareness of life and become more at peace with certain parts of life, for me it also brings up so much which is the opposite of that. I don’t have any answers here, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.