words of the year 2017

Happy new year darling hearts!

Well, similarly to last year we’re a couple weeks in before I get this first post up, but I’m thrilled to know that so many people were looking forward to having their words of their year as a gorgeous print out again!

Over the new year I was travelling around Western Australia which was absolutely stunning, it was wonderful to see more of my own country. After we got home I still needed a few days to slowly transition into this new year and what I hope to do and experience. It took a little while to decide on my words, last year they were Clarity, Freedom and Spirit. These are still values that I hope to continue to bring into my life, but as we all shift and change each year there is always new dreams, insights and experiences that we need to grow.

I recently signed up to Moon Club, in which the founders Ruby and Alexandra speak a lot about spiritual activism. I feel this is something that it going to expand a lot this year as we are seeing so much division and injustice worldwide. I’ve been asking myself what do I really stand for, what am I no longer willing to put up with, how can I use my gifts to help others more. While my words are not specific to this, I think as a collective, spiritual activism will be a strong theme in 2017.

So here are my three words and a little about why I chose them:

Magic - Word of the Year 2017 - Maps to Herself

This is a word that for me includes a few things that I am ready for in 2017, but primarily this is about inviting in divine source to all areas of my life. I am very much prone to needing to control things and hence become anxious when they don’t quite go to plan! I’m beginning to understand that I can invite more magical ease and flow by surrendering it. And I think this is the most loving way to allow better things to come along.

Patience - Word of the Year 2017 - Maps to Herself

I love the quote ‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’ – Lao Tzu. Patience is a quality that feels a little lost these days. In my work I find myself wanting to be able to do things quickly and efficiently, to figure everything out right in this moment, or hoping to do/make/create all the things. I will be allowing my work and life to go at the pace it’s meant to without trying to push. And of course, this can also allow all those unknown blessings and opportunities to make their appearance all in divine time.

Spice - Word of the Year 2017 - Maps to Herself

My third word was partly the reason it’s already mid Jan creating this post, while the other two came through more strongly, it took me a little while to come upon a word that best described the feeling I wanted to evoke. For me this word cheekily invites a little more energy, fire, attitude, confidence and rebelliousness. I think my moon and rising signs in Leo are wanting some air time in 2017.

Interested in a free printable graphic of your word of the year? Over the last couple of years I’ve had hundreds of requests for these, so amazing! All you need to do is comment before this Friday 20th of January with your word or words and which colour you’d like from the examples above (sorry, no custom colour requests) and I’ll send you a high res graphic next week to print and stick up on your wall, vision board or in your journal as a reminder. The email you include in the comment will be where I send your graphic. I do these for free each year, but if you’d like to leave a little gift you can do so here :)

Wishing you a beautiful 2017!


calling in support

help and support - jo klima - maps to herself

The other day I stood in front of my bookshelf and asked for guidance in which book would really help me the most right now. The one I was drawn to was The Art of Asking, by Amanda Palmer, which had been sitting there for maybe a year. As soon as I started reading I was hooked, and I devoured it in just a couple of days. I had no idea I needed it as much as I did.

What sometimes happens with books that are part personal development and part memoir, is that I don’t quite connect with a lot of their story particularly when it’s more of a corporate or team business setting. And while Amanda is an extrovert and a lot of the things she’s done would terrify me as an introvert, it’s the viewpoint of being an artist, wanting to put your heart’s work into the world, and doing something that is the opposite of a ‘real’ job, that made her message and stories so powerful for me.

Throughout her life she’s been open and honest about asking for what she needs. From her friends, her community and fans, and from perfect strangers. Something that most people, and in this case artists, find very hard to do. What’s incredible is that it’s reciprocated in so many beautiful ways. I was awed by her stories of love, connection and being seen. To understand what a gift it is to help others and in turn ask and receive help and support for ourselves. It really opened up my mind to what’s possible.

As someone who always feels like I can do everything on my own, in my business especially, this is quite a profound concept. I’ve always just thought things would be easier, better, quicker, cheaper, et cetera, doing it that way. But I see that’s not always true and there is a downside to it. What about all the amazing things that are possible through the exchange of ideas, thoughts, challenges, experience and energy. I feel safer working on my own, to figure things out on my own, to rely mostly on myself. But I want to open up my heart to more connection, sharing and community. I don’t really know where to begin, but I can be willing.

The artwork above is based on this intention for the next couple of months, using the process I teach in Amulet. The colours represent heart, growth, communication and truth. I painted the goddess Green Tara for her help in asking others to help me instead of trying to do everything by myself. She has a little squirrel friend for support, balance and resources. I also invokes the energy of the Earth element and of the planets Uranus and Mercury. I love having this beautiful reminder for myself to allow others to support me and my work.


gently learning

owl wisdom - jo klima - maps to herself

Do you ever find you’re putting pressure on yourself to implement and integrate all the spiritual learnings that resonate with you because you think you need or should be further along that you are? I know I sometimes do. Opening up to your spiritual identity, knowledge and experiences is that last thing that needs to be rushed or processed quickly. I do believe in creating a daily or consistent practice but when it comes to your connection with your spiritual self it’s something that will develop over your whole lifetime, not just in a few short years, or within one year.

Sometimes you know what you’re blocking or are aware of a shadow aspect of your being, but find you’re still not being able to fully integrate and let go. I know for myself I do process matters of the spirit slowly. Some things I was reading about and learning two years ago, which made sense to my mind at the time, I’ve only just really begun embodying and living. There’s so much more that I hope to experience and I just find that occasionally I wished things would happen more quickly. I have many amazing friends who are deep in their self and soul work and it’s fascinating to hear their experiences. Some of what they are integrating I don’t know if I’ll ever fully understand or experience, but I am grateful for what they are sharing and hold space for that.

If something I learn is meant to stay in my mind or live in my heart, it will, at my own pace. I hope you’ll give yourself the time it takes for you. I believe you can always have a really strong connection with yourself and your inner wisdom, and trust that what you need to know will always be available to you as you move through this life. The beautiful feeling of living in a way where I follow my intuition and make time for stillness, nature, movement and connection; that just gets more magical and stronger all the time.

If you feel like it’s hard for you to communicate about this journey in a way that makes sense, understand that not all of this even needs to be expressed out loud, if it can even be adequately expressed at all. I am better at making images about how I feel anyway, maybe you are too.


aware of the dark

aware of the dark - jo klima - maps to herself

As Eckhart Tolle says, once you perceive the truth, awaken your awareness, there’s no going back. There is a big shift happening in the increase of people’s own awareness and there are so many really amazing leaders in the world helping with this. Self awareness as well as seeing and caring about what’s really happening in the world is really the only way to change or improve your life or those of other people. With awareness we open up to what’s possible, see that we can go in a different direction, and live our life in more alignment and finding more joy in the present moment.

But there is also another side to it which I’m struggling with. It makes it difficult to understand why some things can happen, why some of our fellow humans can actually do some of the terrible things they do, and why others suffer. They are unconscious, I get it. But that doesn’t make it any easier as a human to accept, and it’s why you see some people such as vegans needing to be forcefully heard in order to help those without a voice.

It’s been almost 3 years since I became vegetarian. And over the last year I’ve started to feel guilt about not being vegan, although I have cut back on some animal products. But it’s not only food. It’s seeing all the other ways you consume or live your life. Where your clothes are from (we all love a bargain but at what cost), the leather shoes, who made your iphone, taking advantage of cheap holiday destinations, or animals used and often abused for entertainment. I start wondering how I am consuming, what would be an ethical alternative, and how can I help with so many injustices going on. My list of things that I’m not ok with is getting longer.

So what’s the best way forward? To still be an active part of our modern society, enjoy life and help where I can? I don’t intend to own a sanctuary for rescue animals, but I support those who do. I won’t travel to countries to film and disclose some terrible places and situations, but will support those who do. But I can’t give to every cause that does work that is important to me, so how do you pick who to support and help?

When you deepen your understanding and awareness of life and become more at peace with certain parts of life, for me it also brings up so much which is the opposite of that. I don’t have any answers here, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.


being in spirit

Inspirit - Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

It’s a little crazy to me to think that now, around three years after I found my way back to making art which had a strong connection with my spiritual growth, I would find myself guiding others along with me. But having just launched my second online art workshop, Inspirit, which I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing even a year ago (I didn’t like being on camera), I am really proud of the internal work I’ve done to get to this point.

I’ve offered many different things in my business in it’s eight years of existing. From branding and web design, web development, design courses, running a design blog, selling digital graphics, selling artwork and prints, experimenting with physical products and collaborating on other products, designing metallic tats and leggings, and other ideas here and there. And there were fun moments in creating those. But there was just something really different in the process of creating these workshops.

I think it has a lot to do with knowing that I have moved through many of my own blocks to bring them to life. I know I still have more blocks to break through in order to bring even more of my best stuff to the world and I’ll keep working towards that. Over the last few months it’s been a big shift to only work on projects that I feel really called to do, not just things I know I can do. The most important factor was making time and space for those to be the priority, which meant saying no to a lot of other requests.

So now I’m at a point where I am pretty amazed to witness me; the artist and the teacher, wanting and helping others to get even a little taste into the practice which has helped me so much over the last three years.

The artwork above is one that I demonstrate in Inspirit, and it’s a really beautiful reminder of what’s unfolded lately and what I always hope to be reminded of in the days, months and years to come.


step into my power

step into my power - jo klima - maps to herself

Intentions are the starting point and the creative power behind anything you desire to bring into your life, or release from your life. When I created Amulet the core focus was around helping others to manifest their intention, while also stepping into their creative flow.

One of my intentions which I demonstrated in the workshop is ‘step into my power’. What this means is that I am ready to explore more of my potential, to let fear come along for the ride instead of letting it hold me back, and to truly embrace those butterflies and doubts and do what I’m guided to do.

Since creating this artwork which invokes the powerful energy of goddess Freyja, the spirit of the Tiger, the element of Fire, and alchemical symbols of the Sun, Mars and Jupiter; I have received even more guidance and messages which have helped me get clear on my next steps in really feeling into my gut and my natural instinct, and to have more courage to speak my truth. Creating the workshop was already a huge step for me with this intention and I’ll continue to embrace that and expand on the gifts that I can offer the world.