connect with divine source

Connect with Divine Source - Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

My second intention for this period between Equinox and Solstice which I picked to demonstrate in Amulet is ‘connect with divine source’. Over the last few months I’ve been hearing and listening to messages I’ve received from my inner guides which has developed into me trusting it even more. I regularly take notice of other messages around me. Like when and where I find feathers, prisms of rainbow light, a new opportunity opening up and moments I feel deep gratitude and other subtle clues.

One of the things I’ve noticed when I’m called to act on something like a particular project, and I feel it’s the right time, is I’ll receive little fragments throughout my day or week without really having to think about or focus on it intently, as long as I just write a note down before I forget it. I usually receive this information like a recording of myself, either as visual and sound or just sound, along with a feeling of confidence in my gut.

These flashes of insight are what I’ve come to act upon when deciding what to do next, and when I follow them they seem to work out well, or I come to understand I’ve had a good experience to learn from. It’s a totally different feeling to trying to make up ideas in my head (of which there are plenty) and something I need to force to make happen. It never really feels right even though it makes logical sense. When I don’t get these insights, it’s usually when I’ve been slack in my art or spiritual practice or just needing to rest and prioritise something else in my life.

As part of my intention I want to take my own spiritual practice deeper with trying different forms of meditation and methods, to see what resonates with me and helps strengthen my ability to receive the type of clarity and guidance I’ve experienced, as well as opening up to new channels of guidance.


lunar gaze

Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

I am loving the energy of this month so far. After a oddly passive month of June that felt like it disappeared into the ether, I was encouraged to keep my gaze forward. Mercury in retrograde can be a good time to retreat, reflect and reassess. I was just waiting for what I felt was a period of high energy, action and progress approaching.

Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

So far that has turned out to be true, with many internal and external signs indicating that it’s time to step into a new cycle. On the first of the month I moved into my new little studio which I love. It has such a beautiful energy which inspires me to create with refreshed confidence and bigger dreams. I feel that some amazing things will be created here, by my own hands and in collaboration with other beautiful souls who find themselves walking a similar path to me.

Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

It’s not only the new space which has shifted things for me this month. After a couple of months of being too much in my head and neglecting many things, I’m easing back into a more regular routine of journal writing and meditation, and feeling into my body again after signing up for aerial yoga classes. We know these things are wonderful for us and help us immensely, but somehow I always find myself in these periods of distraction without realising it, until I am once again guided to take notice and give them priority.

I’m excited to share with you what takes places over the next few months as they unfold.

The first artwork above is available as an art print in the shop! If you have your eye on a particular print be sure to get your hands on it quickly as it may be a while until it’s reprinted (if it gets reprinted), as I’ll be focusing on making new art!


mind mandala

Mind Mandala - Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

The moments that I actually sit down to meditate are often the ones where I’m feeling overwhelmed, worrying about the outcome of a situation, feeling uncomfortable about something I am doing or experiencing a block in my creativity. It’s when my nerves are frenzied and I struggle to focus with too many distractions. The outside world feels noisy and restless, but taking time out in meditation can at least bring some calm, balance and clarity to my inner world.

There are some days however where this gets flipped on it’s head, as it did for me the other day. The space around me seemed strangely quiet with few of the usual distractions, creating a little pocket of stillness. But inside was a whole different story. A nervous atmosphere was brewing like a storm approaching in the horizon. Thoughts scattering in all directions like animals sensing danger. It’s hard to make sense of what your mind is fearful of in these moments; it could be vulnerability, jealousy, rejection, loneliness, regret or many other emotions we find uncomfortable.

In this moment, when the automatic response is to find a way to bury these feelings and try to ignore them, I tried to sit in meditation until the weird energy had dissipated but in this instance is wasn’t delivering it’s usual calming effect. So instead I opened up a box of art supplies to create something.

"Art is the overflow of emotion into action" - Brian Raif / Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

Mandalas have been used in many spiritual traditions as an aid to meditation. Circles are a symbol of wholeness, connection, unity, harmony and balance. They are believed to help individual focus inward. I thought maybe if I spent a little time creating a mandala that reflected my mind in a more tranquil and rhythmic state, it would help relax my thoughts. Line by line the noise softened, and by the end there was a balance between inner and outer worlds once more.