owl wisdom - jo klima - maps to herself

Do you ever find you’re putting pressure on yourself to implement and integrate all the spiritual learnings that resonate with you because you think you need or should be further along that you are? I know I sometimes do. Opening up to your spiritual identity, knowledge and experiences is that last thing that needs to be rushed or processed quickly. I do believe in creating a daily or consistent practice but when it comes to your connection with your spiritual self it’s something that will develop over your whole lifetime, not just in a few short years, or within one year.

Sometimes you know what you’re blocking or are aware of a shadow aspect of your being, but find you’re still not being able to fully integrate and let go. I know for myself I do process matters of the spirit slowly. Some things I was reading about and learning two years ago, which made sense to my mind at the time, I’ve only just really begun embodying and living. There’s so much more that I hope to experience and I just find that occasionally I wished things would happen more quickly. I have many amazing friends who are deep in their self and soul work and it’s fascinating to hear their experiences. Some of what they are integrating I don’t know if I’ll ever fully understand or experience, but I am grateful for what they are sharing and hold space for that.

If something I learn is meant to stay in my mind or live in my heart, it will, at my own pace. I hope you’ll give yourself the time it takes for you. I believe you can always have a really strong connection with yourself and your inner wisdom, and trust that what you need to know will always be available to you as you move through this life. The beautiful feeling of living in a way where I follow my intuition and make time for stillness, nature, movement and connection; that just gets more magical and stronger all the time.

If you feel like it’s hard for you to communicate about this journey in a way that makes sense, understand that not all of this even needs to be expressed out loud, if it can even be adequately expressed at all. I am better at making images about how I feel anyway, maybe you are too.