step into my power - jo klima - maps to herself

Intentions are the starting point and the creative power behind anything you desire to bring into your life, or release from your life. When I created Amulet the core focus was around helping others to manifest their intention, while also stepping into their creative flow.

One of my intentions which I demonstrated in the workshop is ‘step into my power’. What this means is that I am ready to explore more of my potential, to let fear come along for the ride instead of letting it hold me back, and to truly embrace those butterflies and doubts and do what I’m guided to do.

Since creating this artwork which invokes the powerful energy of goddess Freyja, the spirit of the Tiger, the element of Fire, and alchemical symbols of the Sun, Mars and Jupiter; I have received even more guidance and messages which have helped me get clear on my next steps in really feeling into my gut and my natural instinct, and to have more courage to speak my truth. Creating the workshop was already a huge step for me with this intention and I’ll continue to embrace that and expand on the gifts that I can offer the world.