the adventure

“Remember there is no one map. There is only the map you are making. It is unchartered and impossibly winding. But it is yours.” – Artifact Uprising

My creative spirit is on a new adventure.

I am searching to find my purpose and heal all the pieces that have disconnected me from my truth. It’s become clear to me that the best way to deepen my trust and relationship with my spirit is by creating my own sacred space to visually express myself, because a life unexpressed is a life without beauty and magic.

There is a pure connection between art, writing, meditation, reading, yoga, music and just being.

Together, these creative channels are alchemical and open up limitless possibility. I hope to infuse more of these practices each day. My intention is to create art intuitively and find signs and connections to things that light me up. To spend time in meditation and burst into a new level of awareness. To connect with the divine source, allowing my inner guide to light the path forward. To instill a routine that frees up space and time for creative work. To allowing room for mistakes and imperfections. To unlock the doors to truly being myself, opening up and honouring the process.

My childhood involved many days spent in creative pursuits, which extended throughout school and led me to a creative degree in graphic design. I have spent the last 10 years working as a designer — the past five of those embodying The Darling Tree ­— creating beautiful branding, blogs and websites for creative women and businesses. I’ve been blessed with opportunities to collaborate with amazing women and am proud of the creative work that has emerged from that.

While I continue my design business, I have been yearning to express myself in other ways, particularly in art and writing, that allows me to remove myself from the computer screen and be more in tune with my body and mind. Maps to Herself is the just the beginning of a new soul-centered creative journey.

I seek visual inspiration from geometry & sacred symbology, animals, crystals, nature, astrology and of course art & design. This is interwoven with spiritual inspiration received from the divine feminine, dreams, meditation, tarot, the universe and the wisdom of other artists & writers. In the beginning I will be experimenting with different techniques and concepts. Over time I expect that a more defined voice and style will surface.

“Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” – Joseph Campbell

I hope for this project to leave traces of something behind, like footprints or shifting of objects in places you were once present. Venturing further and deeper will inevitably change my understanding of myself. My challenge is to trust the process and know that it is unfolding perfectly with my best interest at heart.

While I resist the urge to define exactly what this project is, I know that the journey will form it’s own unique destination. It will be ever-expanding and ever-changing, much like the universe. It will reflect what I learn from creating a daily practice that allows me to explore my soul and desires, and to share the gifts and opportunities that appear along the way.

My biggest wish is that others find something here which opens up their own artistic and spiritual adventure. Connecting with you, supporting your experiences and teachings, sharing at a deeper level — this is what I hope to see with this project and bring more of in my life. While at times our artistic and spiritual journey may feel like a solitary endeavor, I believe we are all walking beside each other.

I invite to you to become a companion on this adventure, to travel within yourself, where spirit is your guide, your sketchbook is a new opportunity in which pens & paints mark the beginnings of your map that is unique to you, to uncover the treasures within.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”
– The Bagavad Gita

If you’d like to get in touch to chat or share your story and artwork you can email me at or find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.