moon swirls - jo klima - maps to herself

I’m a little obsessed with triangles, if you didn’t already know that ;) But recently I’ve been drawn to experiment, as part of my crystal project, working in a circular format. Occasionally you do see artworks on a circle canvas or it’s been cropped to a circle shape within a square frame. Does it ever feel a little strange to you when you see that? Most artworks are square or rectangular, but when I see a circle one I always do a double take, there’s just a different energy about them.

The circle is universal, sacred and divine. It’s the shape of the moon, sun, planets and stars. It forms the structure of mandalas, and represents the spiritual realms in sacred geometry. It mirrors our perception as the intricate centre of the human eye. Life is a circle. The circle is infinite.

To me it feels like a portal to another dimension, looking through to another world. Maybe that’s why I’ve been experimenting with them. The crystal project (actual name: pending) feels like my way of looking inside a crystal to discover the spirit within it. Like a little world that has existed for millions of years. What is the energy of each crystal, what does it want to tell me, what can I learn?

circle waves - jo klima - maps to herself

At this point I’m still playing around with materials and textures to feel out which direction I’d like to go with the artwork I create. I’ve begun writing down some little exchanges with some of my crystals I feel the most connected to at the moment including smokey, tibetan and himalayan quartz, amazonite, peacock ore, chrysocolla and aventurine.

What are your favourite crystals right now, and why do you think that is? How do you like to connect with them?