words of the year 2017

Happy new year darling hearts!

Well, similarly to last year we’re a couple weeks in before I get this first post up, but I’m thrilled to know that so many people were looking forward to having their words of their year as a gorgeous print out again!

Over the new year I was travelling around Western Australia which was absolutely stunning, it was wonderful to see more of my own country. After we got home I still needed a few days to slowly transition into this new year and what I hope to do and experience. It took a little while to decide on my words, last year they were Clarity, Freedom and Spirit. These are still values that I hope to continue to bring into my life, but as we all shift and change each year there is always new dreams, insights and experiences that we need to grow.

I recently signed up to Moon Club, in which the founders Ruby and Alexandra speak a lot about spiritual activism. I feel this is something that it going to expand a lot this year as we are seeing so much division and injustice worldwide. I’ve been asking myself what do I really stand for, what am I no longer willing to put up with, how can I use my gifts to help others more. While my words are not specific to this, I think as a collective, spiritual activism will be a strong theme in 2017.

So here are my three words and a little about why I chose them:

Magic - Word of the Year 2017 - Maps to Herself

This is a word that for me includes a few things that I am ready for in 2017, but primarily this is about inviting in divine source to all areas of my life. I am very much prone to needing to control things and hence become anxious when they don’t quite go to plan! I’m beginning to understand that I can invite more magical ease and flow by surrendering it. And I think this is the most loving way to allow better things to come along.

Patience - Word of the Year 2017 - Maps to Herself

I love the quote ‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’ – Lao Tzu. Patience is a quality that feels a little lost these days. In my work I find myself wanting to be able to do things quickly and efficiently, to figure everything out right in this moment, or hoping to do/make/create all the things. I will be allowing my work and life to go at the pace it’s meant to without trying to push. And of course, this can also allow all those unknown blessings and opportunities to make their appearance all in divine time.

Spice - Word of the Year 2017 - Maps to Herself

My third word was partly the reason it’s already mid Jan creating this post, while the other two came through more strongly, it took me a little while to come upon a word that best described the feeling I wanted to evoke. For me this word cheekily invites a little more energy, fire, attitude, confidence and rebelliousness. I think my moon and rising signs in Leo are wanting some air time in 2017.

Interested in a free printable graphic of your word of the year? Over the last couple of years I’ve had hundreds of requests for these, so amazing! All you need to do is comment before this Friday 20th of January with your word or words and which colour you’d like from the examples above (sorry, no custom colour requests) and I’ll send you a high res graphic next week to print and stick up on your wall, vision board or in your journal as a reminder. The email you include in the comment will be where I send your graphic. I do these for free each year, but if you’d like to leave a little gift you can do so here :)

Wishing you a beautiful 2017!


  1. megan

    hi Jo!
    so nice to see you creating graphics! as you know i have been following you online for a few years and i so miss your graphic designs. My word for the year is “EXECUTE”. i find that i have been researching online a lot but never implementing these ideas anywhere so i hope to find motivation to do so for 2017.My colour would have to be purple as its supposed to be lucky for me! best wishes. Megan

  2. Jasmine

    Feeling into my desires is a big one for me this year . My words for this year are
    Vibrant -pink . I want to feel alive and passionate in all that I choose to put my energy into

    Soul – purple . I want to connect with my soul more , unleash it , feel it and stand in my truth .

    Consistent -blue . Rituals , the flow and ebb of life , allowing for movement but giving myself permission to be consistent in order to fill my cup and work towards all that I desire .

  3. Helen Casson

    I’m so glad I haven’t missed this this year :)
    Passion – this year I want to reignite this
    Purpose – to feel like I have more of this
    Progress – step by step I’ll be making progress

    I’m happy with what ever colour you think is most appropriate.

    Thank you so much xx

  4. Nina

    Yay! So happy you’re doing this again. :) I would love two, if you don’t mind: “Learn” in purple and “Make Art” in pink. Thanks so much!

  5. Natalie Dwyer

    These prints are beautiful Jo, thank you for sharing this gift from your heart xo

    My sacred words are BALANCE + HARMONY + GRACE
    Please use whatever color ignites within you.


  6. Love your words Jo. Spice made me smile in particular. I’m banking that one for the future :-) Wishing you a very happy 2017. I was just thinking the other day that I need a beautiful picture of my word. Thank you for this generous offer. Please could I have TEND in blue?

    Thank you :-)

  7. Amanda

    Wow these are just amazing. Thank you for sharing 💞
    My 3 words are ~ Harmony ~ Balance ~ Growth ~
    Please choose whichever colours you like.

    Thanks again Amanda ✌

  8. Tracey Farrell

    Oh this is just a beautiful offering! I love your words, particularly Magic + Spice!

    My intentions for this year are:


    And I will leave it to you for color choices – all of which are in my favourite peacock colors! Thankyou so much!

  9. Hi! 💖 so excited for my 2nd rounds of words of the year. I would like “flow” in blue, “magic” in pink and “innsæi” in purple. Thank you so much for doing this and letting everyone be a part of it.

  10. Monique

    Hi Jo,
    This inspires me so much! Thank you! Can I please get:

    Spirit- orange/pink
    kind heart- purple
    brave soul- blue

    I will be using these in my counselling room for working with Aboriginal children with complex trauma. So thank you!

  11. Lana Phillips

    I would like “vulnerable” in blue, “authentic” in purple, and “write” in pink. Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift. <3

  12. Love the 3 words you’ve chosen Jo. Looking forward to some amazing creation from you in 2017.

    Thank you so much for the generous offer, I would love two please:
    1. Expansion in Pink
    2. Flow in Blue

    Much love
    Grace x

  13. Thank you so much for providing this gift again – I had my words with me throughout the entire year last year, featured on my laptop screen savers, on my mobile phones, I love them so much!

    BLAZE – pink
    VISIBLE – blue
    SPIRITED – purple

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  14. Isabel

    Hi, Jo! Love your words, thank you so much for sharing this gift with us.
    My words for this year will be Believe in pink, Action in purple and Spirit in blue.

    Thank you so much, xoxo <3

  15. Rachelle

    What a beautiful reminder these will be for the eyar ahead. Many thanks to you xxx

    I would ❤

    Positive in blue
    Inspire in purple
    Happiness in pink

    Much love xx

  16. Megan Warren

    Hi Jo
    The word graphic you created for me last year is still the front screen on my iPad.
    My word for this year is abundance (in pink please)
    Thank you so much xxxx

  17. Nicole Bohnsack

    what a generous offering and I adore your word choices! I would love to receive “movement” in pink. thank you! 💗

  18. Thank you so much for offering this again, Jo! My three words for the year are MAGNETIC (purple), COMMUNICATION (blue), and SEX MAGIC (blue). (I’m as surprised as you are by my third word, haha!)

  19. Your words are beautiful! I love your take on Magic! I would love BRAVE in the pink/orange combo. I feel it’s my year to take a few chances and do things that I’ve always wanted to do even if they scare me! It’s time to stop letting my fear of failure, not being accepted/liked, of getting hurt etc. from stopping me doing things that I want to try doing. Thanks so much!

  20. chantelle

    Hello, i thank you so much for your amazingness in everything you do. My word of the year took some time to come thorough until i stepped back and saw it was calling to me all along. My word is CREATE, as a reminder and a way forward. I would love a copy in blue please. And thank you again, may your year be full of magick🌻

  21. Maya

    I am rapt you are offering this again Jo, they supported and reminded me on my journey immenseley last year!

    My words this year are:
    Support – blue
    Inspire – purple
    Rise – pink

    Much love and gratitude!

  22. OHHHHHH yay! This is such a beautiful idea, love it so much, thank you! My words for 2017 are passionate, sacred wonder, concise clarity, radically radiant & curious intent. I would love to do something in return, tell me what! xo, Christy

  23. Patty

    I look forward to your gift each year! (This is my 2nd or 3rd yr). I would like:

    BLOOM in pink

    GENTLE in blue

    COMMIT in pink

    Thank You!

  24. MiMi


    Happy New Year! Thank you so much for giving us each this beautiful gift! I am so happy I’m able to participate this year!

    Below are my words and colors:

    Trust – purple
    Grace – blue
    Love – pink

    Much love and gratitude! ❤️

  25. Cortney

    Thank you! My words are:
    One in each of the colors please…doesn’t matter which word is colored which.

  26. Merel

    Hi Jo,

    Best wishes for the new year. Thank you for your lovely gift of these word prints

    I’m doing two words this year, because your word magic sparked with me when I saw it. My main word is enlightenment

    So my words are:


    Thank you so much

  27. Melanie Raike

    Many thanks for putting this out there!

    This year my words are:

    Love (pinks)


    Courage (purples)

    .. as I feel like last year was a tough one, so this year is about moving forward into new and positive things, bravely!

  28. Hey Jo I got one of these last year and it was so powerful to look at on my wall so thank you.

    This year I’d love Devotion and Expansion in the blue/purpley colour. So divine. X

  29. Shai

    Hi Jo, you are so lovely to do this! :)

    Could I have EXPANSION (pink), PLAY (pink), POWER (purple), TRUST (blue)

    Thank you so much! <3

  30. Hi Jo, thank you so much for your generosity in doing this. Mine would be STRETCH and GROW. I’ll leave it up to you to choose which colours suit best or whichever calls out to you the most.

  31. Disheka Jakhar


    I have recently discovered your blog and I love it!
    Keep up the good work that you are doing.
    I got divorced and lost my grandmom last year, and am starting my professional and personal life from scratch.
    So, my words for this year are-

    colours are upto you.


  32. Hi Jo,
    I love this idea!
    Had to ponder this for quite a while, but here are what came up for me for 2017:
    PRESENCE (blues & greens)
    PASSION (fiery reds & oranges)
    TRUST (same as your Spice)

    Thank you for organising this :)

    xx Kristine

  33. Tia

    Hi Jo,

    Thanks again for your generosity and time! The graphics you made for my words last year were such a great visual reminder.

    I would love to have these words set in the image:

    Create – orange
    Imbue – Purple (trees)
    Breathe – Blue

    Thanks once more!

  34. Dear Jo,

    thank you so much! This is really generous and just wonderful. My word for 2017 is BALANCE and I’ll try as good as I can to stay balanced as the year will be busy though. In pink it would perfectly match my colour preference this year 😊

    Hugs&Kisses from Germany,

  35. These are absolutely beautiful and I think it’s so wonderful you are offering these!

    My words for this year are:

    Creative – Pink
    Authentic – Blue
    Free – Purple
    Surrender – Blue

    Thank you so much!

  36. Rachel

    Ahhhh so excited for these!! I really had to sink into some extra words as my main word “amplify” wasn’t feeling like enough! Please could I have the following…

    Amplify – Blue
    Spirit – Blue
    Radiance – Pink

    Thank you lovely <3

  37. Beautiful work Jo. This is my first time with the words of the year and it’s just amazing what you’re offering here.

    I’m working with some new goals this year to live a fulfilling and heart driven life. My words are;


    In any colours that you choose.

  38. Marni

    This is such a beautiful thing you are offering, thank you for such a wonderful gift!
    my words for 2017 are:
    “magic”- purple
    “move”- pink

    can’t wait to set them up in my study!

  39. Lindsey

    Hi Jo. I love your work so freakin much and adore having your new moon print on my altar. Thank you so much for offering this! My words are-

    LIGHT : Purple
    HERE : Pink

    Thanks again xx

  40. Hi jo,
    Last year i was so happy with your printable ( i even had it as my screensaver!)
    Would love to have my word: shine in orange

    Thanks a lot


  41. Kat Perlman

    Wow! What a cool project. How generous of you to include others in your creativity :) thank you!

    My word is
    ! I would like the purple background- it seems fitting.

    Thank you again for your ideas and inspiration, and for being open to bringing us in to your art.

    Love and blessings!


  42. Jennie

    Hi Jo,
    Thank you so much for doing this again! You’re amazing!

    Please can I have:
    Serene – pink
    Joyful – purple

    Thank you, beautiful xx

  43. Pia

    Hi Jo,
    I am so grateful for this beautiful present and all your inspiration. I have been so exited to be a part of this this year.

    I would love to reveive the words

    Gratitude (purple)
    Presence (blue)
    Joy (pink)

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  44. Kim

    Hi Jo,

    It was so wonderful to meet you yesterday evening. I love this word of the year concept of yours and would love one, please.

    Could I have FREE in pink pls?

    Thank you!


  45. Hi Jo! Thank you so much for this beautiful offer. I would love to have my word COMFORTABLE in the pink, pretty please! Hopefully it fits! ❤ Thank you!! xoxo

  46. Hi Jo!
    Hear you on the slow ease into the year this 2017, definitely building the blocks that will set our next steps into full flight!
    My word for 2017 is SERENITY, in pink would be wonderful.
    Thanks lovely!
    Anna xx

  47. I’m so excited that you’re creating these graphics again Jo. I have gotten so much use from mine over the past couple of years and I love using them. My word for the year is YES and I would love it in purple please (I’m obsessed with purple so much!).

    I love your words for the year Jo and I hope 2017 is an incredible year for you, filled with magic, patience and spice!

    Thank you.


  48. Kirstin Salmon

    Wow how generous!! Love my one ones from last year!!
    My words for 2017 are:

    High Vibe :: Purple
    Simplicity :: Blue
    Magnetic:: Purple

    Thank you so much xx 😘

  49. Kayleigh

    Hi Jo, so glad you are doing this again this year! I love the words you have chosen for yourself, they resonate with me as well. Could you please make a “thrive” for me in the pink/orange colourway? Love and light xx

  50. Dear Jo, thank you for your beautiful gift.

    My 3 words for 2017 are:
    FLOW – blue
    ALIGN – purple
    MANIFEST – pink

    It was wonderful to work with you through your online courses. Thank you for your wisdom and inspiration.

    Love & Light

  51. Thank you so much for your generosity and this very kind offer Jo!
    My words are:
    Patience (I am happy to admit I just borrowed this one from you! Your post really resonated strongly with me, it was precisely what I needed to read at this time. Thank you.)
    Please may I have one of each colour. I don’t mind which word is which colour.
    Thanks so very much.
    Love and light
    Kelly xx

  52. Amanda

    I adore you and your beautiful generosity with your words, they truly are so appreciated! My words for this year are:


    So much love to you x x x

  53. Sherrie Whitty

    Hi Jo
    Wishing you magically patient but Spicey 2017 lol
    Thanks for these wonderful gift my words Transformation (blue)
    With patience (purple) and nourish (green) as supporting words.

  54. Jo, your constant creativity and desire to connect with making spirits around the world keeps me so inspired!! I’ve been following you for three years and I look forward to your posts daily- thank you for being a source of motivation and beauty!
    My word for this year is TRUST, and I’d like the color blue—
    Thank you!!

  55. Peta Hormly

    Hi Jo
    This is wonderful and it really made me think, and then realise I had already subconsciously picked my words of the year.
    FLOW | pink
    BALANCE | purple

    Thank you for your gift

    Love and light x

  56. Megan

    So beautiful Jo! My word for the year is Sovereign and I would love it in purple if you have time! Thank you so much if you do! xo

  57. Nina

    Hi Jo,
    I’ve just recently come across your website & I’m loving it.
    I love this idea & the words you have chosen, especially Spice.
    Can I please have:
    Release – in blue/green
    Accept – any colour you choose
    In Spirit – pink/purple
    Thank you 😊

  58. Anna

    What a neat idea! My word for 2017 is empowered and it would be lovely to have an image of it in purple. Thank you so much <3

  59. Hi Jo,
    Your creations always brighten my soul – I love your 3 Words and the depth of consideration you put into them – and everything you do. My word for this year is INTEGRATE and I would love it in the pink please. Time for me to pull together all the aspects of myself and start being truly me all the time. Many thanks and much love. Xx

  60. Naomi

    Thanks Jo.
    I’d love one this year! Can I please have 2:

    Connection- blue/purple
    Feminine – pink/orange

    Thanks so much. Xx

    • Nic

      Also, will you do any in-person workshops this year? I’ve been travelling and following you on social media for over a year… now I’m heading home- it would be great to participate in person.
      Thanks for your genuine contribution to the world x

  61. Dear Jo,

    Thank you so much for this beautiful offering! Your graphics truly make a difference and these words have gracefully guided me throughout the years.
    My 3 words for 2017 are:

    COURAGE – pink
    FLOURISH – blue
    EMBRACE – purple

    Wishing you a radiant year!
    With love & gratitude,
    Julia x

  62. Hi Jo,
    Thank you kindly for doing these wonderful graphics again this year. I would appreciate these 3 words:

    LOVE – purple
    BEAUTY – pink
    DISCOVER – blue

    Sending love & light from NZ!

  63. Rebecca MacRae

    Hi Jo,

    I had my word you made for me last year on my phone all last year and it’s been such an inspiration! Thank you for offering this again ❤️

    Could I please have?

    FOCUS – pink
    FORWARD – blue
    SHINE – purple

    Big love and gratitude to you!
    Rebecca xx

  64. Jess

    Hi Jo!

    Ooh I hope I’m not too late!?!

    My words for this year are:

    ACTION (pink)
    CONFIDENT (purple)
    STRONG (blue)

    Jo, thank you so much for offering this again, you are an absolute gem!

  65. Love your graphic Jo! You’ve inspired the hell out of me lately. I’m currently moving my SS site over to WP using Divi thanks to your kick in the pants blog post! Yay!

    My words for the year:

    1) Remember
    2) Magic
    3) Heal

  66. Natalie

    My words are light, rise and self. One of each colour would be great! Thank you Jo… excited as I missed out last time! xo

  67. Katherine

    Hi Jo, This is so beautiful! Thank you – I hope I’m not too late, my words are Freedom, Inspired & Joy (colour choice – surorise me!) xxx

  68. Teegs

    Hello Jo! I know I am too late, but mayyyyybe not? I just stumbled upon this and its beautiful!

    My words are:
    Adventure – Purple
    Colour – Blue
    Fierce – Pink.


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